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Rental Woes II

Over the weekend I went to view a place near Braddell MRT. Didn’t expect too much – it was, afterall, S$1K for a 1+1 HDB flat. But just to be on the safe side, I went half an hour early, called the agent and was the first one to view the place.

What I found surprises me.

The neighbourhood was serene and quiet. Lots of greenery. But yet just steps away from Bradell MRT. Cross the main road and you’ll find loads of amenities like 7-11, McDonalds. etc.

The place itself was on the highest floor. Rather clean. A bit sprucing up will do. Barely furnished, but I don’t need them. Got aircond, big fridge and washing machine.

The best was that… when I look out from the flat, there is nothing in front of me. No tall buildings, no HDB… it stretches as far as the eye can see.

Who can boast to have such view? Immediately I told the agent I want the place. She told me she will confirm with me the next day.

So this morning she called me and said the landlord wanted to rent the place to me. I said yes, and arranged to sign the contract on Wed night. I was so relieved that my nightmare is over.

An hour later, she called me again to tell me that the landlord asked if I can pay deposit first. He doesn’t want me to change my mind etc. I said I can, just tell me what I need to do. We plan to meet on Wed night anyway, so if he wants faster, then tell me.

And then at late afternoon, the agent messaged me that the place is no longer available.

What the fuck???

I thought I already agreed to everything they said. I am ready, for fuck sake, just tell me what to do.

Now I am depressed. Back to square one.