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Rental Woes II

Over the weekend I went to view a place near Braddell MRT. Didn’t expect too much – it was, afterall, S$1K for a 1+1 HDB flat. But just to be on the safe side, I went half an hour early, called the agent and was the first one to view the place.

What I found surprises me.

The neighbourhood was serene and quiet. Lots of greenery. But yet just steps away from Bradell MRT. Cross the main road and you’ll find loads of amenities like 7-11, McDonalds. etc.

The place itself was on the highest floor. Rather clean. A bit sprucing up will do. Barely furnished, but I don’t need them. Got aircond, big fridge and washing machine.

The best was that… when I look out from the flat, there is nothing in front of me. No tall buildings, no HDB… it stretches as far as the eye can see.

Who can boast to have such view? Immediately I told the agent I want the place. She told me she will confirm with me the next day.

So this morning she called me and said the landlord wanted to rent the place to me. I said yes, and arranged to sign the contract on Wed night. I was so relieved that my nightmare is over.

An hour later, she called me again to tell me that the landlord asked if I can pay deposit first. He doesn’t want me to change my mind etc. I said I can, just tell me what I need to do. We plan to meet on Wed night anyway, so if he wants faster, then tell me.

And then at late afternoon, the agent messaged me that the place is no longer available.

What the fuck???

I thought I already agreed to everything they said. I am ready, for fuck sake, just tell me what to do.

Now I am depressed. Back to square one.

A Little of Harry Last Book

Finally, finally I got my book early this morning (that was less than 24 hours ago) and I have just finished it minutes earlier… my mind is boggling, and I couldn’t help but feel this book outdone the earlier six. Yes, it was grim. But it also show courage and love… you will know what I mean when you reached the final few chapters… it is going to be one hell of a movie!

I think the experience of the book launch at Borders this morning deserves its own blog post. Oh, and of course, a review on the book itself. But that gotta wait for now!

Now excuse me while I finally, finally can sleep a deep, Harry-free slumber :D

The Best of Friends

Watch some of the best snippets of FRIENDS here. Vote for it if you will.

Renting Woes

I have been looking around for place to rent. Found this place at… TPY!!!

Haha, ah well. It is at Braddell to be exact, but the address is TPY Lor 5. It is a 1+1 HDB flat. Went to see it just now and took some pictures. Can you guys see and let me know what you think? They ask for S$1K/month, one month deposit and 1-year contract

NOTE: Okay I know the furniture looks a bit old. Most likely I will be moving my current furniture to the new place. So, ignore those old pieces of wood, just comment on the place =)

View of the flat front, right next to the lift lobby at the 3rd floor

The living room. About the same size as my current place.

Into the bedroom now. Finally, an aircond! I am happy, even if it is an old one

The two giant (and ugly) wardrobes. Urgh

The bed. Why they never come in king size? =(

Into the kitchen now. Everything is liek half the size of my current kitchen. Sob.

Ugly dining table. I think I will turn into a mini bar where I mix drinks. Hah!

Into the laundry room now… yes, it does look like a prison.

The fridge… the only thing in the house that is big and new.

The tiny washing machine. Sigh.

The toilet. Nothing to shout about

There is a bus stop right in front of the block, and it is 10 minutes ride away to TPY central, where I can take the train to work.

So…. what’s your vote? Yes or No?

Liping the Superwoman

Dear Liping,

It has been 8 years since we first had that porridge supper together during our NTU band days. Since then, we have seen each other through many ups and downs, triumphs and failures.

As your new Sojourn begin hours from now, I recollect all the wonderful memories that we shared. The study benches, WMC trip, dinner parties, endless career rants… seriously, what else can a guy ask for?

Plus all those lovely, lovely postcards you always write for me when you go for your trips… and only give to me when you came back!! I still keep all of them, you know…

I know you have made the right decision to make this move, and I hope that you’ll find happiness and contentment in your new life in London. The British are lucky to have you!

You will be sorely missed, of course, but I know it is for a good reason.

Remember what I told you about how friends come and go, as we all grow up and change? I know that, even when we are continents apart, you’ll be forever in my heart as one of the greatest friends that I ever had the fortune to meet.

For that, Liping, I thank you. Till pur paths cross again.

The day when you went as my partner for my Convo Ball in 2003, remember?
I was so proud donning a pink shirt and new suit, and you went to your
aunt’s to do your hair. How come we didn’t take photos together?!? And how
glamorous is this… group photo in front of the rubbish dump

You and Terence. See, I knew it that you guys know each other before
that night we went out clubbing at Double O. Ha!

You and Yirong. Do you still remember her? Ahh… the divas of the night =)

I remember this was the first week I got my new Olympus digicam.
You suggested that we go shopping. So we did!

We shopped, and shopped… or rather, you shopped…

… and you shopped, and shopped…

and shopped (!!!!), and shopped (zzzz~~)
Till I can’t take it anymore and dragged you to Kenny Rogers…

… where you let me took this cheesy photo of you! Wahahaha~~

Fast forward to the end of 2005. That day I took one of my exams in that
dreaded course with MDIS. We celebrated the end of studying (until next sem,
that is) and you made me this jug of… something alcoholic orangey. Hehe…

And then it was your 2Xth birthday in December!!!

We can’t seem to run away from Iguana, can we?
It is like our default birthday/dinner place when we dunno
where else to go to!

The guys were there too, remember? It seems like such a long time ago
When you and I are a few years younger :P
And then, for some reason we didn’t take any more photos until…

Your next birthday!!! :D Haha, another year older
And see, we are back at Iguana again!!

And then, finally – finally – we took a photo together
(I like my hairstyle then)

And for some reasons you turned red!!!

Few days later, we gathered at my place for a bit Christmas cheer.
That was last year… although it does feel like longer than that
We exchanged many gifts, remember?
(And I look nice in tan. Hmmm)

Good thing is everyone got something for everyone…
… except for Jinguang, whom got the same thing for everyone. Haha!!!

All together now. Sob sob… the memories~~

Thank you so much for the memory, Liping

Shop and Dine for Men

Something got over me today.

Right after work, took the train to City Hall and bought not one but two pairs of shoes from Pedro. One for office, one for casual. Yay!

Then went to have a fancy dinner on my own. Mushroom soup, salmon starter, lobster main course, cake dessert. Heavenly.

Total damage… I refuse to see my bills. My card took the hits.


I think I can sleep well tonight.