Phuket 2006 – Day 5

(This entry is part of the Phuket 2006 series, which chronicles my virgin trip to the island. Here are the rest of the entries – Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5. Do leave a comment!)

Surin Beach

Right now I am writing this at Surin Beach, waiting for my lunch. Just now was at Kamala Beach briefly. Well, if you have seen one of Phuket’s many beaches, you have seen them all. However I find Surin beach to be more charming, rustic, laid back and definitely less crowded. Highly recommended if you want to get away from the maddening Patong’s crowd.

As I wait for lunch, I saw a family of angmohs sitting right in front of me. Easily 15 pax. Among them are two Asians who speak their language! I guess they must be family friends, or adopted or something.

Such cam whoring moment before I set off – my last day in Phuket!

Some views along the way as I rode up north of Patong beach

More idlylic view at the extreme north of Patong beach

A view of Kamala Beach.

Another view of Kamala Beach. Like I said, once you have seen one, you have seen them all

Some of the laid back shops along Surin Beach

This is a tsunami monument area between Surin Beach and Kamala Beach. Apparently this whole area was fenced off as it is without any restoration work after the tsunami hit. Now it is just a large patch of land overgrown with weeds – a grim reminded of the day of disaster

View of Surin Beach. It is more laid back than any of the beaches I have come across. Here are some “stalls” where you can get some massages. You’ll notice there are few, if any, tourists along this stretch.

My leisurely lunch at one of the many rustic eateries along Surin Beach

The Farewell

This always happen to me. The last day of my holidays are often the best. After the final moments at Patong, I returned my bike (I had it for three full days!), walked down Patong, got up a the cab of a very chatty uncle.

He told me in very good English (considering) about many things. Like how now is the peak season, and they are expecting even more tourists over the Christmas and New Year weekend. On how you can get accomodation along Patong beach at 50% off during low season. Why it is called low season, I asked. Well, seems like that is time of strong monsoon, when the wave is strong, it rains often, and the beach is relatively dirtier than normal.

He is such a good guide – I am going to get him to pick me up from the airport the next time I am there! Highly recommended. And he has email too! “Must know how to pick up customer from airport”, he said. He charges 400 baht for a trip from airport to Patong tiself.

Taxi Service
Sombat Munfeuk
Mobile: 081-8958925
Home: 076-379544 (night time)

Had dinner with Cruz Watermark. Such a classy, classy restaurant! He might be coming bac k to SG in January; I hope to meet him again then. I mean, he has been such a good host to me.

After dinner, we rushed to the airport, only to find that my flight was delayed for an hour due to bad weather in Singapore. Hahaha… so I checked in first, bought a book and settled down for a good read.

I am going to miss Phuket badly, and I’ve the sever sunburnt as proof!

Khob Khun Krab!

The Starbuck outlet at Patong where I spent many restive hours reading my chick lit and recovering from my sunburnt

Some final views of Patong – I am going to miss this place!

The main mode of transport at Patong – tuktuk and bike!

Final view of the Patong Beach. Somehow I think this pic encapsulate it all of what Patong has to offer

Posing for the last time on my rented bike before I return it to the agency

A map of Patong Beach that actually shows the tsunami-affected areas. Click here to see a larger pic of this and be amazed of the devastation, and then be amazed on how fast Phuket has recovered

Dinner at Watermark. Forgot to take pic earlier before we actually finished the food!

Phuket International Area waiting area

The book that I bought while I wait for the delayed flight

I am about to go home!!! :D

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