Phuket 2006 – Day 4

(This entry is part of the Phuket 2006 series, which chronicles my virgin trip to the island. Here are the rest of the entries – Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5. Do leave a comment!)

Everyone has been telling me that the nicest beach is Karon. I went back today and enjoyed some seriously relaxing time, despite several irritating puffs of ciggies from my fellow sun-baskers. Almost the entire beach is packed with angmohs!

Only much later I realised from my handphone notification that the beach I am actually at is Kata Noi! Hahah…

Got some severe case of sunburnt. I was halfway (somewhat reluctantly) back to Patong when I decided on a whim to return to Sense Spa for a foot massage (450 baht). I am not disappointed – it was simply the best one I ever had! I also took a long shower, which got me all refreshed for my next adventure.

Stopped by at a nearby market for a quick dinner. It was so fun seeing a group of angmoh teens trying their first fried bugs! Now I am at Starbucks having a relaxing cuppa.

Hope all will turn out well after a disapointing night at the bars yesterday.

The stall where I had my brunch for the day. I have been looking out for stalls to have my meals. Avoiding flashy restaurants at all cost

My lunch of “tom ka kai”. Wasn’t as good as expected, but for 120 baht… oh well!

Relaxing at Kata Noi Beach. By this time I am already severely sunburnt

The market where I stopped for an early dinner on my way back to Patong Beach

My best dinner ever! For a mere 60 baht I got some dishes and rice, plus a whole lot of vege to go with it – free! Ate my dinner with the locals right at the market. It was an experience like no other.

The fried bugs stall. Of course I have to have some. The stall owner got exasperated with a group of angmoh teenagers that were giggling away – he fried a grasshopper and seasoned it for one of the girls to try out. She took a hesitant bite, and then took it in whole after some urging from the stall owner. As she chewed up the grasshopper she nodded approval to her fellow travellers and suddenly they were all over the stall. What a sight!

Only much later after I have spend sometime in the market that I realised I left my key on my motorbike! Fearing for the worst, I hunted for my bike up and down the length of the market – and to my great relief I saw everything as I left it before. I am sooooo relieved, and much more grateful to the honest Thais!

Some memories of my final night at Patong Beach

One of the many sois branching off the main road of Patong Beach

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