Phuket 2006 Day 3

(This entry is part of the Phuket 2006 series, which chronicles my virgin trip to the island. Here are the rest of the entries – Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5. Do leave a comment!)

Beach Paradise

I’m sunburnt! Today was a day filled with beaches. Woke up rather early and enjoyed some laze around time at Patong Beach. The BBQ chicken is surprisingly good. I guess I am just hungry.

At about 2 p.m., I started my little expedition along the cost of Phuket, going down south. First stop was Karon Beach. It boasts the longest beachline in Phuket – of that I can see! White sandy beach as far as the eye can see.

Then on I went to the Kata beaches – Kata Yai and Kata Noi. Stopped at the nearby town and bumped into the Sense Spa, as recommended by Tony. Spent a heavenly hour here. The massage here is good, and the facilities are very classy. Loved it very much.

Then I am off to Kata Noi. This beach is so… beautiful and relaxing. I must come here tomorrow! Now I am back at Karon for an early dinner. Started to feel tired.

The long, long road (about 20km) from Boat Lagoon to Patong

The hill slope before Patong. Imagine navigating this in the middle of the night, drunk, on a bike with a pillion rider. I did that!

An old temple along the way. Everyone pays their respect passing this place by “wai”-ing. Those riding or driving will blare their horn

View of Patong from another side of the beach, as I begin my bike expedition

A hidden lagoon from the main beach, with a bar serving beer and stuff. It wasn’t packed – I guess it was pretty well secluded from the crowd

The famous Karon Beach. Wasn’t spared from the grips of tourism dollars

The closest thing I can find in Phuket that is comparable to Jatujak in Bangkok

Kata Noi Beach. The sand here feels different, ambience more relaxing

I have grown a liking to Chang from my trip. Cheap and good

The little town somewhere between Patong and Karon

The Sense Spa. I got to choose the oil I want to use for my massage (needless to say I went for lavender). The one hour massage cost about 1250 baht

The spa is located quite away from the “main road” – you gotta look round the corner to find it. Or just stop opposite the cloth stalls at the main road and look out for the sign board

Sunset at Karon Beach. My heart melts looking at this

The gorgeous Karon Beach

Stopped at a lone stall along the way back for an early dinner

My dinner. I think this costed me 120 baht. On the high side for my standard now.

Back in Patong for the night. I find this sign board very amusing!

Spent a good two hours at Starbuck reading my novel, before hitting the bars

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