Phuket 2006 Day 2

(This entry is part of the Phuket 2006 series, which chronicles my virgin trip to the island. Here are the rest of the entries – Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5. Do leave a comment!)

Patong Beach

Woke up pretty late today, and only get to Phuket Town at about 12+. Had a simple lunch there (cost me about 60 baht), before taking the 30-minutes gruelsome bus ride to Patong.

This time I alighted at the start of the beach, when it started to rain. Happily I whipped out my umbrealla – easily the only person with the radius of 50 m to do so, haha. Then I rented a super nice bike for 3 days, at only 300 baht a day! Zipping around the town riding on it can only be described as super, duper cool! Here’s the contact info of the rental agency that I got my bike from:

Adisak Best Car Rent
Car, Jeep, Motorbike, Limousine and Taxi
New cars, full insurance, power steering, air cond, sound system
175/2 Sainamyen Road, Patong Beach, Kathu, Phuket 81350 Thailand
Mobile: 081-9794779 and 081-9685661
Home: 076-296720 (6.00 p.m. to 6.00 a.m.)
Car/Jeep range from 800 ~ 1200 baht per day
Motorbikes range from 200 ~ 300 baht per day
Highly recommended! The boss is super nice and can speak reasonable English

The sun started to come out again at that time, so I decided to get a trunk, towel and sun tan lotion on the spot for some sun-basking. Within an hour I have become one of the thousands “lobsters” along the beach and man, it was damn hot! The sun was blazing, and it was rather uncomfortable after sometime.

Now I am writing this at a Thai Cafe somewhere in Patong (nearby Bangla Soi). I love riding the bike :)

My simple 60 baht lunch @ Phuket Town

My lovely bike, which I rode for the next 3 days I am in Phuket

A view of Patong Beach. The sun is blazing! Hot, hot, hot!

Some red bits of me. Sexy, no? I know :P

Some cam-whoring moments…

More cam-whoring moments…

My super early dinner while I am writing this entry!

Another Party!

I should have known better than to ride in a foreign land. The journey home lasted more than 2 hours, as I sprinted endless rounds around the town trying to find my way back home.

But once I am sure of my way, things are okay again!

The night was spent at the Karon Beach Resort to celebrate the closing of Phuket King’s Cup Regatta. Along the way here from Boat Lagoon, I can that the beaches are packed with bars and stuff. And I thought only Patong will have these. How mistaken I was!

The party was great, great fun. Took loads of videos and photos, but if I wasn’t so tired from my day’s journey, I would have stayed longer.

Life in Phuket is good.

Here are some photos from the night. Unlike last night, this time I remembered my camera and these will be my memory forever!

Click here to view my full set of photos from Phuket Day 2

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