Phuket 2006 Day 1

(This entry is part of the Phuket 2006 series, which chronicles my virgin trip to the island. Here are the rest of the entries – Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5. Do leave a comment!)

Onboard Jetstar

So here I am, onboard the flight bound for Phuket! It was scheduled at the ungodly hour of 0700, and I have to wake up at 0430 to catch the flight.

My holiday this time didn’t start off well. At the check in counters, there were a huge crowd of passengers heading to Phuket, Bangkok and Hong Kong.

There was this guy who were checking in a group of 29. 29! I pity those who were on the same flight as him. One of the guys got so irritated waiting in line and marched up to the guy to tell him off. Good for you, dude!

Bought a bottle of Davidoff perfume and ciggies for Cruz. Had a quick breakfast @ McD and now I am onboard the plane.

There is this sinking feeling in me that after my Sydney trip in October, all others trips will pale in comparison. I sincerely hope that I will be proven wrong.

The huge crowd at check in counters. I was so sleepy at that time

My usual shot of what I have on plane. Just had this Suzuki coffee though!

My first glimpse of Phuket! Gosh I was so excited!
Ain’t this a beauty?

Boat Lagoon

I’ve arrived! Phuket’s weather is rather mild. The airport is small, and after fuss-free check out, I met Cruz at the waiting area.

Had a good chat with him as we drove through Phuket towards his place. My first impression of Phuket – idlyic. Everything seemed so laid back, I felt that the whole town was one giant holiday resort. Why, Cruz doesn’t even get to office till 10 :D

Boat Lagoon, where Cruz has graciously offered me lodgoing, is reputedly the best place to stay in town. It is a lagoon packed with private and charterd taches. Cruz’s place is right next to a “stream” – if you own a yatch, you can moor it right outside your balcony.

Imagine that!

We had a rather large breakfast, and then it is time to catch up on my sleep! So, what’s next: Patong or Phuket Town?

Welcome to Phuket!

Big breakfast with Cruz

My lodging for the five days I am in Phuket

A view of Boat Lagoon. Cool eh? I feel so… luxurious :D

Phuket Town

So my pen runs out of ink before I can pen this entry, and I have to borrow one from the waiter. Hah!

Phuket Town, to me, is really one big bore. It’s nothing like Bangkok. In fact, it looks like my hometown Menglembu in Malaysia! I saw countless old temples and colonial houses. Other than that there’s really nothing much here.

Though I must say visiting two-centuries old deities in an ancient temple can be quite an unnverbing experience.

Had a roadside lunch though. Can’t wait to tell my friends this and watch them squirm. Haha!

Here are some photos of sights in Phuket Town. These will be more meaningful if you are using the Phuket book from Insight Guides series.

The stall where I had lunch

My lunch! It tasted rather good. Only 30 baht

First Experience of Patong

Took a 30-minute bus ride to Patong. The local bus ride wasn’t a comfortable one as it goes through the winding slopes of hills before Phuket, and it was rather bumpy. However for a mere 20 baht fare I couldn’t complain.

And what a sight Patong was! Endless stretch of white sands, throngs of pubs, swarming tourists… now this is what vacation should be like!

Right now I am at sitting at the Connect Guesthouse, sipping beer and eating cashew nuts. It was raining so it was a rather heavenly experience.

The place where you can board local buses to wherever beaches you want to go in Phuket

20 baht for a bus ride to Patong, compared to 400-500 bath for a cab ride

Patong Beach – the most developed of all beaches in Phuket

Another view of Patong main road

The infamous Bangla Soi, where all the gogo girls bars are located at

Thai Boxing Stadium. Didn’t get to watch one though, although there were “advertisement buses” making the rounds to promote the fights that were supposed to be on one of those nights

Pubs along Bangla Soi. Closed at this hour

Reminders of the Tsunami 2004 disaster. These can be seen all over the place

Ah… heavenly.

The Parties

Later that night, Cruz brought me out to meet his Malaysian and Singapore friends. One was an outdoor wine and dine party, to celebrate the rebranding of Kingfisher Marine. The other was at Royal Phuket Marina, in conjuntion with the Phuket Boat Show.

And what a PARTY that was. It was simply the most awesome party I have ever been to this year. Free flow of booze, superb food, great shows (they brought in a guy from London to sing Phantom of the Opera!), fireworks and most importantly great, great companions. Met many beautiful people of Phuket – cool!

This is what I call as having a high life. Too bad I didn’t bring my camera. Damn!

Click here to view my full set of photos from Phuket Day 1

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