Sydney Day 3

Some notes for Day 3 in Sydney.

Today has been somewhat a less… exhilirating day. Most likely because I woke up late (again!) and my feet were swollen from all the excessive walking that I have been doing.

Nevertheless it was a good all in all. After a hearty breakfast at “City Extra” located at Sydney Harbour, Bart and I were off to Manly – a rather touristy location famous for nothing but its beaches.

After a 45 minutes journey, I clapped my eyes on Manly and true enough, this place does live up to its name. Manly boasts not only a harbour beach. Some minutes away from the Manly Wharf is the Manly Beach – a stretch of white sand, blue sky and clear sea. Hundreds, if not thousands locals and tourists alike crowd themselves on the island. It was a sight to behold.

And all I did at this famous Sydney beach is to eat an expensive cone of ice cream, drip chocolare all over my clothes and wrote in my little journal pad.


By the time I hit back Sydney, it was evening and I took a nap before headed to Oxford Street again. This time the crowd was amazing. There is a reason why Sydney is the party city of Australia.

More on this later, as the booze I have consumed has reached my eyes and it is shutting itself.

Nitey all.

Notes after this section are written about a month after the trip, as only then I have the time to sort through my travel log and photos and record my wonderful Sydney trip properly

(For today I only managed to write in my journal once. Bart took leave for the day and we left his house rather late. These are the photos of what we did prior to our ferry ride to Manly – which was, least to say, very exhilarating! The view was fantastic, the wind was strong, and I was soooo in love with Sydney)

I’m all set to take on the beach!

Taken at the Sydney Harbour prior to our breakfast.
I keep forgetting what these aboriginies instrument are called!
Sounded damn cool though – like some deep techno bass

One of the many street performers at the harbour.
This one is definitely the “brightest”!

My Canadian big breakfast! Damn oily, damn good, damn expensive!

Manly Beach

The wind is blowing strong. Cheers rise from the beach as the hunks and babes battled each other over a game of beach volleyball.

And me? I’m sitting here on a metallic bench, fully clothed, writing this. LOL.

Manly Beach does live up to its name. No, I don’t it being manly as in masculine. Manly Beach is famous for its long stretches of white, soft sand. The horizon is as far as your eyes can see.

… I’m not in the mood to write. But this place is damn relaxing!

Oh, and I saw dolphins on my way here! Am I lucky or what?

The view during my ferry ride to Manly. Sydney Opera House – again!

A lone guard house in the middle of nowhere.

One of the ferry stops. I almost got down here!
This is the stop before the main Manly Wharf

The actual Manly Wharf! I know I look weird in my attire

The many small shops along the pathway from the terminal to the beach.
I remember buying some delicious ice cream from one of the shops here!

The beach! Don’t let the skimpy sunbathers fool you.
The weather, despite being sunny, is actually very cold

I stood out like a sore thumb, with my jacket and all!

I don’t know why I took photo of this sign board…
… I must be bored. I am not much of a beach person

About to go back! I told you I am not much of a beach person haha

It was very sunny on the ride back to Sydney, wasn’t that cooling anymore.

It is not that Bart don’t smile. He was squinting against the glary sun!

But the sun made this sight of Harbour Bridge very heartbreakingly beautiful

(Later that night I forgot to bring out my camera, so there were no photos. What we did we simple enough. Bart brough me to Star City, the biggest casino in Sydney. My first time! Played the “tiger machine”, and of course I lose spectacularly. Rather fun though. Bart keep slotting money and play. Gosh! Then we had a very nice dinner at one of the high class restaurant in the casino. After which we took a cab to Oxford Street and do some bar hopping. It was nice and fun, but too soon it was midnight and both of us became very tired. It was time to head home)

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