New Job, New Life?

So I have been at my new job at my new job for about a week now.

This is indeed a big move for me, and some of you might be wondering how come I did not post about this sooner. Well… to be honest, I am not sure either. I guess I wanted to keep my resignation low profile during my two-weeks notice period, as many of my ex-colleagues knew about my blog and I am not sure if the news is something to be broadcasted.

Right after my last day, I threw caution to the wind and held a farewell party at my place to celebrate my “departure” from the firm. Needless to say, it was a night of bitch-and-booze will colleagues past and present. Everyone knew I am leaving then.

Not long after I left the country for a two-weeks break. It was a exhilirating one week in Sydney and a heartwarming one week in Malaysia (with my family).

I got back last week to the hazy Singapore – much to my displeasure and longing for the cold air of OZ – and started work the day after.

Yup, so basically these explain my lack of blogging on the subject matter :)

Back to my new job. I always said that I will never be good enough to do this. Something about my courage to speak to strangers, and the lack of extremely strong motivation to keep me going. I always said how much I respected my ex-colleagues who are in this line – on their relentless preserverence, and dedication to the job. And of the money that they earn, of course.

I took the leap and became one of the sales team manager in Cool huh? Haha.

Many of my friends who knew about my move asked me to find them a new job bla bla bla. Just for the record, I am not in the recruitment business. As in headhunting for clients (although it is part of’s service). I am in charge of sales for recruitment advertising and online tools.

So, if you are a HR practictioner and wants to talk to someone who was actually a client of JobStreet and got so impressed by them that I actually joined their team despite all odds, I am your man!

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