Work Rants

“Finally I hear from you!”

“Where the hell have you been?”

“Nowadays dao la, never even SMS liao…”

I hear you, my dear friends, and I know I owe you an explanation.

The past three weeks have been an absolute whirl for me. CNY holidays aside, I was settling into my new job. Well, perhaps settling is not exactly the right choice of word. “Jumping” sounds more like it. If anything, the ride has been rough, and it gets more bumpy as I go along.

No, don’t get me wrong. I like what I am doing. In my new company, I am a producer. In a nutshell, I produce conferences and charge people to attend/sponsor.

Easiest way to visualise this is comparing my role as movie producer. You know what it means? You got an idea for a movie, you talk to some people, and you get the hunch if this is a profitable movie or otherwise. And then you put your team together – the director, the casting manager, the props designer etc. – and you start to produce your movie. Filming, promotion, marketing, advertising, sponsorship, merchandising… everything went underway months before the premier of your baby.

You sweat, toil and tear over your film, always with fear and uncertainty. Will my movie break the box office, or simply sucked?

Showtime is nearing. You watch the media for exposure on your project. You keep track of advanced tickets sales. You pore over numbers at sneak previews.

And then it is showtime. Now there are audience in your cinema, you know if your little movie did make it or not.

In many ways, producing a conference is very much the same. While creativity weighs heavily in your decision to invest in a movie, the commercialibilty is the key in deciding whether to have a conference or not.

So here I am at my new role, grappling with new ways of doing things – things that i used to love and hate. I dread picking up the phone and call people I don’t know. It wasn’t that bad, actually. In fact, I kinda enjoyed it.

And then there are data and information analysis. You pore pver pages after pages of conversations you have made, trying to pick little nuggets of industry facts that will make your conference a bestseller. I thought I will enjoy this tremendously, but it was way much harder than it look.

But, like what people say – no pain, no gain. The pressure I am feeling now is perhaps from the unfamiliar role, the high expectations, or the ever changing environment. Whatever it is, I know this is a challenge for me, and I know for sure that I will tough it out.

Well, expect more of such rants from me in the future! :)

(Plus I don’t know how much work details can I blog about, hehe)

Here’s a little explanation on the new category. I have thought of various names, such as “work life”, “my cubicle”, “on the job” – I mean, how uninspired can I be? – and I discarded them as soon as they pop into my mind.

In the end I settled for “Desktop“. Why? Well, to my fellow IQPC-ians, desktop-ing is actually something really significant to us. Especially so for me, as a producer. No, it is not a matter of life and death. But close enough.

At least for me. What, I live for the money, can? :P

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