Sawadeekap #2

Little notes for the day

1) Went to Siam Paragon again to visit the Siam Ocean World. For 450 Bath, it is a MUST visit. Took lots of photos and videos
2) Shopped at MBK. Bought some stuff for self. Satisfied
3) Went for a massage, not so good and expensive. Sigh
4) Found Mango Tree (at last)! Made reservation for the night
5) Headed back to hotel to clean off the massage oil. Yucks
6) Headed out early. Friends were late so had some snack at Mango Tree. Totally dig the ambience!
7) Dinner was fantastic. 6 dishes, 3 drinks, coffee and snacks for 1900+ Bath. Worth it!
8) Bar hopping with friends. It’s fun to ask the dancers to come down and sit with you and talk to them. Surprisingly many were Uni- or high school grads, and they speak English rather well
9) Headed back hotel well past midnight for my much needed slumber

Alright, last day in Bangkok! :P Spent a fortune here. Will have to skimp for the rest of the month – but the sacrifice will be worth it!

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