The End of a Journey

Some months ago (a year, to be exact), I decided to take up a part time cost in Mass Communications in MDIS. The advanced diploma cost was meant to be a “bridging” study before I am to be admitted to the final year of the degree course.

Today, I had my very last paper in the module – on electronic media. As usual, I cramped lots of stuff in the very last minutes. Thank goodness for the public holidays and the weekend. I realized that I have developed quite a rountine in the studying, and decided to create a photoblog for that.

This is my computer table. After studying every chapter, I will reward myself with some “surfing” time. I will spent like 10 minutes either checking email, reading my bloglines, blogging… It take much control for me to tear myself away from my PC at times and return to the study table…

… here. This is where I spent most of my time torturing my overworked brain into remembering stuff. I have a little routine when I study – it works well for me. First I will read the lecture notes and highlight stuff that I want to remember. Then I copy out all these into pieces of paper, as my own note. After I am done with the whole subject, I will then study these notes and start to make even more concise notes and memorise them. I will memorise by writing them without looking at the notes, and then saying it out loud. Finally, I will create a mindmap for the entire chapter. Moments before my exams, I will look at these maps, and recall backwards from them to the even shorter (memory) notes to my short notes to my lecture notes.

After every two chapters, I will reward myself with an episode of Friends! This is my living room. As you can see I take my meals here, and lie on the couch while watching TV. Kinda cool. I love my living room. It feels very cozy.

My “beverage station”. Coffee and tea provided me with the much-needed caffeine, and here is where I mix them. I got this table set up during this study period. Will put more wine, liquer and glasses on it as time comes!

Okay, now on my way to the examination center at UniCampus, near Queenstown. The big piece of shiny thing in this pic is my big fat thigh. Here are some pics of the spanking new MDIS UniCampus

This is outside the examination hall after I cleared my paper. Very proud of myself – I did it in only 1.5 hour, half the time allocated! I am the second one to walk out from the room. People must be thinking I am one of those people who don’t know how to answer the paper and walk out. Heh… guess my cramming sessions for the past few days have been worth it. I cleared it fast and spot on. Pretty sure I will do very well for this paper. Unless my dumb project pull my grade down.

And here’s a little drink I prepared to “celebrate” with Liping just now.

Well, looking back, it had been amazing how far I had come in this course. The reason I took it up is for the knowledge. Really. Not for the paper. I wanted to do the degree.

But after experiencing one year of part time study, I decided it is just too much trouble. I dread going for classes, and there are subjects that I never turn up at all. I just asked my friend to sign for me, and I submit the project through her. The few times I actually in class (gotta be like less than 20%), I left immediately during the break.

Surprisingly enough, I always did very well in exams. Considering the effort I actually put in. Just to boast document it here:

Advertising – A
Public Relations – A
Print Media – A
Mass Media Research – B
Journalism – B
Electronic Media – ???

I’ll finish off the last part when I get the results. Hmmm… once I am done with my graduation project, I am done, and I got myself an extra diploma.

I still don’t know why I did it.

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