Home Sweet Home

It was with much relieve that I unpacked the last box of my belonging in my new house. The whole journey started early this month, and after much packing, moving, clearning, unpacking, I am officially moved in!

Yes! I am the proud occupant of a lovely, little flat in Toa Payoh, a bustling town of young and old mix, a 2nd grade Orchard, if you want to say so. Here is how my current bachelor pad* looks like

*I typed that with much glee. Yay**!

**I have finally grown up!

Okay enough gloating, already! First stop, my bedroom!

Entrance to my bedroom

The entrance to my bedroom. The bow-like wooden carving (complete with a string) was bough from Chatucak Market in Bangkok, for 100 bath! I forgot how much the cloth cost, but I got a grand total of 8 metres of such cloth, so they make perfect “gateways” into my rooms. Very zen-like, hor?

My Bedroom

This is my bedroom. I moved out the previous wooden bed, and put in my Ikea bed. To make up for the lack of aircond, I bought a $120 air cooler from Courts. Actually, it is very, uh, primitive. You have to freeze some special cubes of ice and add water to the machine for it to be cooling! Far from being an air-cond, but I’ll make do.

Without my usual wardrobe and cupboards and TV, my room looks very bare. Nevermind, I will get more stuff from Ikea when my next paycheck is in! Gotta get a nice, cosy rug for the floor, plus some beanbags maybe. Maybe some nice posters for the wall. I got lots of movie posters! Very cheap from Bangkok and they are still languishing in tubes! Haha…

And yes, that an Orlando Bloom calendar that you see. I adore him, don’t you know?

Wardrobe Room

One of my pride of the house – I have my own “walk-in” wardrobe! It is only after I finish unpacking that I realized my clothes are enough to fill two wardrobe cupboards! And that is after throwing away about half of my old clothes! Now I have one wardrobe of work clothes + pants, and another wardrobe of home clothes + cheong-ing clothes.

I also have my body-length vanity mirror in the room, complete with an iron board, and a steam iron. Oh, I must mention that the steam iron is a house-warming gift from Taufik. Yes, the man himself. The Singapore Idol. So nice of him!

My kitchen!

My kitchentop!

The kitchen! Okay, nothing much changed, except for some new utensils and my own kitchenware all unpacked. Gotta tell you – it is a very satisfying experience cooking in the kitchen, without the usual clutter that occupies my old house!

(Last night I tried to cook green curry chicken, but somehow the paste catches fire, and I have to throw the whole frying pan into the sink to douse out the disaster. Somehow anything I cook always catches fire in this new kitchen. But that’s another story)

(I shouldn’t have said that. I am still a great cook!)

Living room

Living room

This is the living room. Gotta say it looks great at night – with my special lighting on. I bought the L-shaped sofa for only $200 – a great bargain. So nice to relax in the living room. Hmm… not in the afternoon though, it is simply too hot. But in any case still better than my old place, since it is quite impossible to actually hang out in the living room then.

I decorated the wall with some of my best posters. Yup, you guessed it right. Those are the official posters from Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers – I got them from Warner Brothers! Then there are two posters of Orlando – one from Return of the King, the other from Pirates of Carribean. Actually, there is another life-size-length poster of Legolas on the other wall, but cannot see la.

Then I got a new hifi set from another friend as a housewarming gift… actually more like I extort the money from him, and I got it myself. But still, a gift is a gift, mah!

(I sounded like a bitch. Sheesh…)


This is my very own library corner! Okay, let’s do a little inventory check here:

Right at the top are my favorite “toys” – the official figurine set from FOTR, and (of course) Legolas from ROTK. (The Harry Potter was added after a second thought – I don’t know where else I can put him!). The “Web Idol” sash was a gift from Taufik’s fan to me. So sweet, right?

The first two shelves are full of my favorite novels – the Harry Potter series, the Marian Keyes series, the Shopaholic series, the Neil Humphrey series… man, I sure have accumulated quite some books over the years. (Special Note: To those of you who have borrowed my books but yet to return them, you better do so soon, or else….)

The next shelf is full of DIY books, and non-fictions. Like books on PHP-Nuke, Movable Type, (uh) body building, yoga, massage… also have some books on the best Internet sites (I think it’s damn outdated – waste money only), my course text books etc.

The next shelf contains collectible notebooks, mostly from movies. But I also got a set of special note books, pretty girly ones. Haha… you can see them here.

The last two shelves are full of magazines. I collected every single issues of 8-Days since 2003, and also some issues of FIRST and Men’s Health. Actually, my magazine collection gotta be the heaviest box to move from one place to another. I doubt I will ever re-read them, thus defeating the purpose of keeping them… but, you know, sometimes you just love something so much, you have a hard time throwing them away. And how much space can they occupy?

So there you are – a complete run down of my new place. There is a certain liberation in having your own place. But that is for another post. But I will tell you one thing I have done that give the greatest sense of freedom…

…. I can now use the toilet without closing the door! HAHA!

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