Mushroom Chicken

Mushroom Chicken

Mushroom Chicken

– Approx. 500 gm of chicken breast meat. Sliced into chunks
– Half a pack of large mushrooms (about 7-8 pieces), sliced thin
– Seasoning: soya sauce, pepper, minced garlic, ikan bilis stock

– Marinate the meat with two teaspoon of soya sauce and pepper to taste
– Prepare other ingredient to let the seasoning really sink into meat
– Heat up some oil, bring to low flame
– Slowly fry the minced garlic till golden brown
– Toss in the meat and cook till the gravy gets all bubbly
– Toss in the sliced mushroom
Don’t add water. The mushroom contains moisture
– Stir the whole lot more, and add in one teaspoon of ikan bilis seasoning
– Let it stew for 5 minutes, and serve

This simple and delicious dish serves 2
– Meat: S$2.00 (cheap pack from NTUC la. Haha)
– Mushroom: Half pack, so S$0.90
– Seasoning: Negligible
TOTAL: S$2.90

Hmmm… I have been using way too much mushroom and ikan bilis stock in my cooking. Gotta change that! Hehe…

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