Behind The Smiles

While working on my company newsletters, we are trying out new features to highlight our candidates. So my new writer wrote a “sample” of how the feature will be like, based on yours truly. And this is the result:

Behind The Smiles

What strikes you when you first meet Roger* is how he doesn’t stop smiling. He claims, with almost comic deadpan, that he has “no passion” for anything and leads a simple life. But you soon learn that his trademark straight-faced demeanour hides an existential, philosophical streak.

He cheekily tells you about his roguish escapades on campus, coercing classmates to cover for his attendance. But just how the self-confessed mischievous student managed to top his class at the Nanyang Technological University Mechanical Engineering degree programme eludes me. And his remarkable high-grade average at his second degree, this time in Mass Communications, proves he is no flash in the pan.

Stumped? As was this writer. Until Roger, in his mid-twenties, threw me another of his signature curved-balls: “I like studying, I just didn’t like going to school.” – Thanks for the lifeline, Roger. I feel like drowning in this torrent of oxymoron. But Roger is perhaps so successful because of his independence. He possesses a distinctive desire to excel and pushes himself harder than any professor, co-worker, or boss ever could.

While he declines to divulge how much he earns, the middle-level manager readily admits he spends every single cent. But money is not a motivator for him. “There are more important things in my job,” Roger explains. “Like being happy with what I have achieved, how much more I can achieve, and knowing my work is recognised and appreciated.”

Right about then, the mystery that is Roger unravels. He has a passion for dodging questions and making this writer’s job more challenging. And he doesn’t stop smiling because he has a passion for life.

Of course, “Roger” is me. And I love this feature of me to bits. Thanks, Jude. You made me smile today =)

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