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Views of CBD

As I walk from Raffles Place MRT to Planet Fitness, my camera was busy snapping away at all those majestic high rise! These batch of photos are some of the best I ever taken, yet.

Views of CBD Views of CBD

Views of CBD Views of CBD Views of CBD

Views of CBD Views of CBD Views of CBD

Party @ Balaclava

The time now is almost 3 a.m. Still they are continuing over at Zouk. True, it dwindled from 15+ to only 4 person, but still… I gotta admit I am old. I get tired easily.

The partying started somewhat with a few pre-party drinks in office. The mood was evidently lighter than the rest of the day because, for us OCBC-ians, our paychecks are in!

Made our way to Suntec soon later on. It was Happy Hour 1-for-1 all the way to 8, but the group was complete only sometime at 7. The place was so crowded at that hour – it was pretty hard to believe. Many are executives in their late twenties. I presumed they work at Suntec office towers.

The snacks – mussles, top shells, chicken wings – were delicious, and the company was hilarious. I bumped into Xiao En and Chee Keong there too. Man, we all feel so grown up! Got to know both of them are single now, but XE keep insisting it won’t be for long. Way to go, Yirong!

By the time the clock hits ten, most of us are pissed. Things changed when the boss arrived (someone to settle the bill! yay!) and we moved off to Emerald Hill to find Ben who left us earlier on to find his SIA stweardesses friends.


At Ice Cold, our partying continued with more drinks and snacks. Some rumours were spreading – better not mention anything in the public. Heh.

I was getting drowsily sleepy. By 2, Jude sent me home. Surprisingly, I felt safe being on his bike this time.

I must have been damn pissed. Now it’s time to sleep.

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Party @ Balaclava