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Blogstrolling.. and true friends

Been blogstrolling. Haven’t been doing that enough lately.

CowboyCaleb mentioned something that tugged at my heart string:

“The all-night event playing Mario Party was an attempt to recapture our friendship like the way it was when we were still kids. It may be the last time we get to do such things as I’ve got my own life and she’s got her own life and we’re both busy busy busy people. The fun of both of us doing something irresponsible and naughty while snogging beer and screaming obscene words at the top of our voices in the wee hours of the morning and then feeling rotten the next day because we didn’t get enough sleep.

Isn’t that just vilely juvenile fun?

So I guess a true friend is somebody you don’t really outgrow but rather somebody who grows with you”

As I look back at my almost 6 years in Singapore, my number of true friends can be counted with 5 fingers. Thanks dudes and dudess. You know who you are. Love you all.

Idol Injustice

Maybe it was the beer talking.

As much as I was shocked on how Scott somehow managed to stay in the top group this round, I can’t imagine the bottom two to be Anthony and Constantine. Though Anthony was my favorite, I don’t want Constantine to go either. I mean. You can idolise someone for whatever blind reason you might have, but it is obvious who has the better talent. I was preparing for the worse to happen. Inevitable, yes, that Anthony will get the boot.


Constantine was announced the idol wannabe leaving the stage tonight. I was shocked. So is Paula. The gasp was almost audible among the audience. And when Paula hugged Constantine’s mum, I was moved to tears. Yeah, call me silly, but you know, celebrities are human too.

I vividly remember how Simon said that Constantione’s “smoldering” eyes win hands down. Let’s see how true this is.

Eyes No. 1
Eyes No. 1

Eyes No. 2
Eyes No. 2

Eyes No. 3
Eyes No. 3

Some eyes can really kill. If you can get what I mean. I know mine are beautiful, but Constantine’s… well, girls, I am sure I speak on your behalf.

Dancing Skeleton

This is one of the coolest animation I ever seen.

Dancing Skeleton (opens in new window)

Best viewed with break dance music (read: MJ) playing.