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Taufik & I Part III

A: Raz, can I meet you tonight?

(Several minutes later…)

A: Yooooohhooooo!

R: Sorry, busy la. Tonight I got appt already. Tomorrow?

A: Wld you consider postphoning it? Taufik is free after 7, and I dunno when he is free again.

R: Argh!!!!

(After recovered from my shock)

R: Why so last minute one?

A: Aiyah, he always so impromptu. So how?

R: Ok la. Confirm?

A: Yup, confirm. See ya at 7 at Orchard

That’s how I ended up with this pic (more in the gallery). It was a night of laughter, tears, milk shakes, eye lashes, mascara, size 11.5 shoes, posters, showcase…

I thought of writing the funniest shit happened at Hereen’s Billy Bomber where we had dinner, but I’ll pass. Just that… next time, remember the milk shakes are NOT server in their blender cup!

Thanks Kak Leza, Taufik, Kak Sal and all for making it a wonderful night to remember!