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BlogStroll #1

(Raz Note: I have decided to pay weekly homage to those blogs under my Blogroll. I will be featuring some of the best bits of their blog posts under a regular, err, feature. I call it BlogStroll. Here come’s the first installment)

When Blogger Annoys You

Those of us who had been annoyed by Blogger’s instability has reasons to cheer.

Load, load, load...

No more waiting for ages only to get an 404.

A Guy in His Birthday Suit

Vouyeurism? You might think this guy is sick. I don’t think so. I simply love the way he uses photos to weave a story of himself and his (sometimes idiotic) ideas. This time, he wore a “birthday suit” that “fits like a glove” walking around town… and got more stares that he was comfortable with.

“This is my friend Kiwi. She’s the one taking the pictures (pretty much all but this one). Strangely enough, while women would check me out from head to toe, men pretty much went straight for the package. For some reason though, she wasn’t able to document the phenomenon…”

The Phenomenon
The Phenomenon

I just wish he has decency to wear an underwear under that suit.

Do you have Starbuck?

From The Pundit Guy: Do you love or hate Starbucks? If you hated it (not because of the coffee, but the corporation as whole), then you’ll love this site:

“The mission of delocator.net is to assist the public in finding and supporting independently owned cafés.On the results page for each search, listings of both independently owned cafés and Starbucks retail stores are presented. By comparison of numeric quantity and site-specific detail, the viewer/searcher will see evidence of the unchecked aggression and power in the hands of corporate businesses, such as Starbucks.”

Personally, I love Starbuck. If I can afford it, I will have one cup of Coffee of the Day everyday. Grande-sized, nothing less. There is something comforting about leaving your office cubicle, take a stroll* down to the outlet at my office building, and feel the familiar warmth of a cup of coffee. Ahhh…. indulgence.

*That’s how I came out with the “concept” of this kind of post. The BlogStroll. As in Blog(ST)roll. Get it?

Other Noteworthies

Did you know you can sell your car simply by blogging about it? I bet you don’t! But this guy did.

Have you been reading Xiaxue’s blog? Arguably she is the most famous blogger in Singapore. Love her, hate her, but there are more like her around, says Mr. Big Fuck.

Never play cheat to a (woman) blogger. You might never know when your disgusting scam came out for everyone to see/read/link-to. I mean, if I am that guy, I would rather DIE.

Urban Male Bitch loses his “m”-virginity: “I sat still on the bed, wondering what would happen next. I have read so much about it, but yet, still unsure of myself. She returned, and motioned for me to lie down. She started with the toes, and the feet, and slowly worked her way up towards my groin, stopping short of the loin area. My body tensed, from her touch.

My Fav Blog Post

And finally. my favourite blog post for today. From Mr. Brown

“I RECENTLY started to exercise again. The final straw was my wife asking me to move, because my stomach was blocking the wind from the fan. Like I was some beached whale, blocking her feng shui.”

I liked the beached whale part.

Review: The Other Side of the Story

The Other Side of the Story, by Marian Keyes

Crossed Women. Crossed Lines. Crossed Swords.

That’s the tag line of this wonderful novel by Keyes. Highly cynical about life, yet heart-warming and hilarious all the same, The Other Side of The Story tells the tales of three women – Gemma, Jojo and Lily – leading different yet interwoven life.

Gemma is a successful event planner in Dublin. Work was a nightmare, and when his Dad did a runaway on her mum, her life turns positively hellish. Things were looking all sunny from her side, and she took comfort confiding in Susan who lives far away. Night after night she escaped by writing stories on her life… not knowing that these very pieces will turn her life around few months down the road.

Lily is a so-so writer, a “boyfriend stealer” (or so Gemma would label her) who hit a miracle success in London publishing world with a story that is too good to be true. Ever the pessimist, Lily believes in retribution, and the tale traces her thoughts, fear and anger as her life took unexpected turn with Anton (the boyfriend), Ema (the out-of-wedlock baby), Irina (the Russian neighbour) and of course, Gemma and Jojo (how else would their lives be interwoven?)

Jojo is “viagra of the literary world”, a highly successful and ambitious literary agent who represented Lily. A love affair with her boss (Mark) took an unexpected twist and Jojo soon found, to her horror, that her career dream was suddenly snatched out of reach. Grieving and determined not to show any sign of weakness, she striked out on her own in a tale unlike any other – Gemma wrote a book that was “a band-aid equivalent in the literary world” and Lily’s third highly-successful book after a horrid second one.

I found the book to be highly readable and, compared to the Shopaholic series, was far more realistic, serious and easier to relate to. It was not one of those books that you couldn’t put down (I took my own sweet time in finishing it – 2 weeks), but yet it compelled me to write about it the moment I finished it.

The ending was kind of predictable, but kinda rushed when compared to the earlier, more-leisurely paced pages. Perhaps keyes suddenly ran out of idea to elaborate more on the three ladies (or maybe the book’s publishing deadline was looming – hey, I learned that from the book!).

What have I learned from the book?

#1 Love at first sight is possible
#2 Being large (like me) can be beautiful
#3 You can actually earn loads being a writer
#4 You can write stories of your life by renaming the “character”

My favourite paragraph from the book:

“‘One,’ I declared, listing on my fingers, ‘I think all men are bastards. Two, whenever I start listing things out on my fingers I get distracted by my nail colour, and three, now I’ve lost my train of thought – see! And three, I think all men are bastards.”

Freaking hilarious. And you get more doses of such chick-humour towards the end of the book.

Rating: 4 stars out of 5

The book is available at Popular, Borders and Amazon.com

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