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Happy Birthday, Ben!

Went to Detention Class to celebrate Ben’s 27th birthday. Lots happened – shouldn’t blog about that. You guys should know what happened. Thanks for being there for the fun, and comfort.

Now you know, I’m only human *wink*

But here’s one hilarious photo that I just have to post up first:

More pics in the gallery

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Fav Blog Post for 8/4

From Finicky Feline:

“It’s funny how people can use religion to justify certain events that happen.

My colleague was telling me this morning that she has to go to church tonight. Then her son called her and asked her to go for seafood instead. She told me “Aiya, too bad I have church tonight” and I told her she shouldn’t see church as an obligation and should be happy and motivated to go to church. She then looked at me for the longest time and said “God is speaking to me through you”. I had to quickly gulp my milk down before I burst out laughing”

Went to see a gay play at Esplanade today, and took lots of pics to and fro the place. No time to post though, coz Liping and Zhiren dropped by tonight. Will do it tomorrow!

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