Meatballs with Celery and Baby Corn

As a bachelor who live on my own, I always try out simple, easy-to-cook and cool on the pocket dishes for lunch. I mean, simple as in it’s easy to cook even for the culinarily challenged guys. Cooked this dish for lunch today, thought of sharing it with the rest of my blog readers =)

Meatballs with Celery and Baby Corn

– 5 to 6 large sticks of celery. Skinned (if you prefer it softer) and cut into small pieces
– Half a pack of chicken meatball, about 7 to 8 pieces
– One pack of baby corn, sliced into half vertically, and then halved
– A pinch of minced garlic
– Two teaspoons of ikan bilis stock

– Heat up some oil in the frying pan, and then turn down the flame a bit
– Fry your garlic slowly until they are golden brown
– Throw in your meatballs, and turn up the flame. Cook until they are all, you know, cooked
– Throw in yoru sliced celery and baby corns at this stage
– Keep stirring them until the celery seems soften a bit
– Put in about half a cup of water and the ikan bilis stock
– Let the water boil. Keep stirring the whole lot
– Once the “gravy” is merrily bubbling, you can now scoop it up and serve

All the stuff can be bought at NTUC fair price. The portion can serve 2 mildly-hungry person, or one hungry me =)
– Celery: I used half a pack, so it’s about S$0.45
– Baby corn: Used the whole pack. S$0.60
– Meatball: It comes in pack, and I used half. S$0.60
– Garlic, oil and seasoning. Negligible
TOTAL: S$1.65 (not bad eh?)

Okay, do let me know if you tried this out, hehe…

Meatballs with Celery and Baby Corn by

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