Dinner with Louise & Wai Yee

Finally met up with the newly-wed Louise and our mutual buddy Wai Yee. Supposed to meet at Tiong bahru Plaza at 6 p.m. for dinner, but Wai Yee was (characteristically) late – she woke up from her nap only at 6!

So Louise & I shopped around a bit. Bought two new novels – “The Other Side of the Stroy” by Marian Keyes (I am such a sucker for girlish books nowadays) and “The Rule of Four” by Ian Caldwell and Dustion Thomason. Yay, finally some new books for me to read late into the night! I was getting bored with the Shopaholic series.

We were enjoying a cup of coffee and some toasts when Wai Yee turned up some 40 minutes later. Was contemplating to bring the gals to Brewerkz – but Louise insisted on heading home early so we settled at TBP Thai Express instead.

Service was good, food was not bad, and we had some good time gossiping and bitching about each other. Haha… I would have enjoyed the night much better if not for my back! Somehow the pain is back, and I’m not going to spend another fortune on massage again. Just had one a few days back…

On the other hand, Louise mentioned foot reflexology is good for back pain. Perhaps I should try that instead. Hmmm….


Pretty Louise

Wai Yee & Louise

Our dinner at Thai Express

Raz - gosh I need to lose weight!

Wai Yee & Louise

Dinner with Louise & Wai Yee by

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