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Blog Readers – You are wanted!

Welcome to You Got Me Blogging. You are probably here because you followed the old link of my blog – razlan.name/blog (it’s a long story). Click www.razlan.net to go to the main page of the new blog you are at now.

From someone’s nick on MSN, I knew that tonight a girl will be voted off. I had a good idea which girl it will be, but still I was kinda disappointed. I was actually hoping it will be one of the guys this time round (why am I reminded of “Survivor” here?). Honestly, I really don’t like the way he smirked whenever his singing ability was challenged. Or maybe I shouldn’t be judgemental – perhaps when he was simply born to look that way when he tried to look humble.

Or, at least I should be grateful that it was not my favorite who was voted out. But still… knowing it will be girl before the show starts took away the fun.


What’s up with getting more people to read your blog? Alright. So I put some links to my Amazon affiliate programme. But I honestly didn’t try to get more readers by linking up to Mr. Brown or PunditGuy in my post on the quake-induced termor that night.

But what Mr. Brown said strike a chord. So I visited this Finicky Feline blog to get a tip or two on how to get more readers by not leeching them off Mr. Brown.

In summary, the best ways are:

1) Link to Mr. Brown
2) Personal Sex Stories
3) Personal Pictures (if you think you are gorgeous – so I will)
4) Whine of being a piece of shit yourself
5) Write about someone outraging your modesty
6) Write about your daily life’s melodrama

I had done (1). And did some of (3). Should I write about the rest?

I don’t really need more readers, you know. I mean, yeah more will be good. If don’t have, also never mind.

But if you are reading this, whoever you are – leave a comment, damnit!

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Coffee Art

Drinking coffee in Thailand will never be the same again!

Coffee Art Coffee Art Coffee Art Coffee Art Coffee Art Coffee Art Coffee Art Coffee Art Coffee Art Coffee Art Coffee Art Coffee Art Coffee Art Coffee Art Coffee Art

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“Contact” by Carl Sagan

Contact by Carl Sagan

Contact” is a story about how could be the first contact of humans with other intelligent beings in the universe. Although this is a very old theme, it is an entirely different book. As an astronomer, Sagan tried to be very realistic what yielded a story where everything is tied and where you will not find any contradictions.

You will not only enjoy a very good and beautiful tale, but also will have a “contact” with real scientific worries and concepts related to the search of intelligent life in other planets. The book also touch in the conflicts between religion and science mixed inside all the story in a very balanced way: you would expect that Carl would only support the rational side in the book, but when you read, you will be awed and surprised (and will respect Carl still more).

For those who saw the movie (that is an excellent 3-hour movie, my favourite, watched it 3 times!), the book has less untied knots, everything is clarified and has an end that the film has not. The end chapter of the book make you end your reading with a smile in your face.

If you like science fiction and science, read this book. Certainly this will be one of your favourites, if not the favourite itself.

All about “Contact” the movie on IMDB
The book on Amazon.com

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