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The Incredibles

The Incredibles

I remember watching the movie at least twice in cinema last year. Been wanting to get its VCD/DVD and soundtrack for so long. Finally got hold of the VCD last week and watched it over the weekend.

It was simply superb. I was blown away for the third time.

The Incredibles tells the story of Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) as the superhero’s Superhero. As voiced by Nelson, Mr. Incredible, is very confident, on the verge of cocky. He uses his super strength and powers for good. He marries super, Elasticgirl (Holly Hunter). However, Mr. Incredible soon falls victim like his fellow “Supers” to the plight of our litigious society– the people they save are suing them. Instead of getting malpractice insurance (which would have been a different movie), the persecuted… and prosecuted Supers assume their secret identities in a covert government relocation program. They also promise never to use their powers again even for good.

We catch up 15 years later with Mr. Incredible, now just Bob Parr, insurance claim adjuster. He is suffering. His wife Helen, the former Elasticgirl, is busy getting settled in their new home with their kids, Violet (Sarah Vowell), Dash (Spencer Fox), and little Jack Jack. Violet and Dash have super powers, and Jack Jack is not yet toilet trained. Bob is totally frustrated by his job, and really the lie he is forced to live. Every week he and fellow Super, Lucius Best aka Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson), on their “bowling” night, listen to the police radio band so that they can save people in danger. Mild mannered life is killing Bob. He tells Helen regarding Dash’s 4th grade graduation, that they keep “creating new ways to celebrate mediocrity”.

One day Bob is contacted by the mysterious, Mirage (Elizabeth Pena), enlisting his super powers for an undisclosed benefactor. Bob, still super strong, no longer has the six pack abdominals. He proceeds to train and trim the waistline. He sees his suit designer, Edna ‘E’ Mode (Brad Bird), to fix his super suit. In a hilarious exchange, E enrolls Mr. Incredible in a new suit, sans cape. It is disclosed that the benefactor is villain, Syndrome (Jason Lee). Turns out that Mr. Incredible was the one responsible for Syndrome’s genesis when he invalidated the young Syndrome 15 years ago. Thus, we have the classic Superhero tale of conflict and revenge.

What also distinguishes “The Incredibles” along with the story about reclaiming greatness, is that it is about family. In a very touching scene when Mr. Incredible is about to do battle with the seemingly invincible Omnidroid, he admits to Helen “…I’m not strong enough…” Having super powers is great. Having the love of family is truly powerful. Mr. Incredible is bold, funny, and endearingly vulnerable. Helen is solid and folksy, projecting a quiet power.

The Incredibles” is amazing to look at, and also has something special and touching to say.

Ratings: 5 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quotes:
– Helen: “Everyone’s special”
– Dash: “Which is another way saying that no one is”
– Bob: “..creating new ways to celebrate mediocrity!”

Get the DVD from Amazon!

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Chicken & Spinach

Feeling sickish today, so took MC and rested at home. Decided to cook a simple meal for dinner. When I was unloading food from my fridge, I was dismayed to find my spinach was “frozen” and the most of the leaves are spoilt. Sigh. Never refrigerate your vege for too long. Always eat them fresh!

Chicken & Spinach

Chicken & Spinach

– 2 large pieces of chicken breast meat, sliced
– 1 pack of spinach, washed and cut
– 2 small cloves of garlic, minced
– 2 teaspoon of ikan bilis stock

– Heat some oil in the wok.
– Over medium fire, fry the minced garlic until its golden brown
– Turn up the flame, and toss in the sliced meat
– Stir fry for about 30 seconds, then put in the first spoon of seasoning
– When the meat turn slightly brownish, toss in the cut spinach
– Put in half a glass of water
– When the now-brownish gravy starts to boil, put in the 2nd spoon of seasoning
– Stir fried for a while more, and then serve hot

All ingredients can be bought from NTUC Fair Price. Serves one.
– Chicken breat meat, pre-packed: S$2.20
– Spinach: S$1.20
– Garlic and seasoning: negligible
Total Cost – S$3.40

A bit on the high side I know, but damn I was quite full!

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I cant sleep… and didnt feel the tremor

Was trying to sleep for the pass hour. Tossing around in bed and finally given up the idea of sleeping.

Turned on MSN, and saw many people with new nicks – “OMG! I felt the tremor!”, “How come I didn’t feel the tremor?”

I was thinking, “What the hell?”

Turned to Mr. Brown Blog, and found out that residents of Punggol and Sengkang felt the tremor. More comprehensive updates are on PunditGuy. A link to the Metrological Services in NEA new service:

    “The tremors felt in Singapore at 12:10 a.m. on 29 March 2005 were due to an earthquake that occurred in Southwestern Sumatra, approximately 600 km west southwest of Singapore. The magnitude of the earthquake is 8.2 on the Richter Scale. The epicentre is located at Latitude 2.1S and Longitude 97.0E.

Chatted with Shafik on the tremor:

    17 candles. wow, i’m growing old.. says: OMG!
    SmartGeek – I dream of New York says: i hope its not another tsunami
    SmartGeek – I dream of New York says: they warned that the fault line near tat region is under huge stress
    17 candles. wow, i’m growing old.. says: wat was the richter scale for the the recent tsunami?
    SmartGeek – I dream of New York says: yes. about the same

I really hope it is not another tsunami. I don’t think I can take the drama.

(Updated) Some insightful comments on Mr. Brown Blog:

“Wa lau, one after Christmas day another after Easter. Is someone trying to tell us something?”

“wow, et, gee… thanks… i didn’t think i could feel any more weirded out, but i guess i can…. *shivers*”

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