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When Good is Bad and Bad is Good

I received a letter from MDIS today. My heart skipped a beat. It must have been my exam results for Sem 1! Wow, finally!

Then I noticed the other letter addressed to me – NKF. My immediate thought was, “What?! Another direct mailer from them?“. Sorry for being a total jerk here but I do feel that the amount of direct mailing I got from them would have cost more than the mere amount I contribut monthly.

I thought, on with the “bad” info first. So I ripped open the NKF letter.

Lots of niceties, praising me to the heaven, telling me how many lives I have save for my donations, bla bla bla… the letter ran two pages long. Wait, there’s a receipt attached to the letter.

“… contributed the sum of S$72.00…”

Wow, I donated that much? And then I noticed in the last paragraph of the letter that my donation can claim for me double the donated amount for tax relief. I mean, wow! So it is not such a bad mailing after.

Then, I ripped open the MDIS letter. To my dismay, no confidential slip inside, but just some memorandum about the change of exam date (gosh, about a month away!), and… my assignment is due on the 5th of April. That’s like, what, next week?! I have about 8 days to complete my assignment.

Sigh, mean reminder. Now I have to burn my weekend learning about Singapore Budget, bla bla bla…

And what is taking them so long to let me know my results. It has been two months already! *grumble*

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