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The End of a Great Blog

No, not mine. Don’t you worry! =)

I was browsing some of my favorite blogs this morning. To my dismay, one of my favorite “hate” blog with awesome retro pics has ended its run. The blogger will blog whenever his (or her – no one really knows) housemate pisses him/her off. Together with his/her hilarious details of the disgusting housemate’s unforgiveable act are awesome photos, edited to suit the topic of disgust for the day. He/She cracks me up with his/her choice of photos!

One of his/her most amusing postings:

Last night at 1am I was woken by the door bell ringing, and was greeted by my flatmate apologising because she claimed to have lost her keys, again..

Before I left this morning, my flatmate asked to borrow my keys so she could get a new set cut, and casually mentioned that hopefully someone will return her keys because she had her name and address on the keyring. “Are you serious?” I said disbelievingly. “Yes, after loosing them last time, I thought it would be better if anyone who found them had enough information to return them”. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Her stupidity is just to great for me to tolerate. “So, you know now that someone might have the keys to our apartment, and know where our apartment is… right?”. “I guess so”. “Do you think that might be a problem?”. “Umm, maybe..”. Oh dear, this bitch has no idea where I’m going with this. “OK, you’re staying here today. You will not leave this house. I will put a new lock on the door.”

The reason he/she stopped blogging? He/She moved out!

Cool eh? I am glad I have yet to lose my housekey so far, and the only indiction the keys are mine is the metallic key chain with the “R”