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My beautiful Sunday

Today I want to talk about my Sunday.

It started beautifully with my alarm clock waking me up at 9.30 a.m. Usually I do not wake up until past lunchtime, but today I have to wake up early because I promised Sam that I will meet him at Toa Payoh for a gym session.

A day that started off with me getting off “at the wrong side of the bed”, although my bed is placed against the wall, turned out to be one of the most beautiful Sunday I had in 2005.

It had been a long time since I last been to a gym. So it caught me by surprise when I managed to complete the full 20 minutes workout session on the threadmill and the stationary bike. I clocked a grand total 600 kCal, excluding the full reps I did on leg press and arm pull.

I am very happy with my achievement. It was also very great to see my old pal, Sam. After an hour or so at the gym, we headed to a nearby hawker center for lunch. We took some nice, unpretentious, unedited photographs here:

I think Sam is going to kill me for putting up such an unflattering pic of him. But hey it is better the truth than untruths, right? Uh-oh, I think I have just increased the possibility of Sam murdering me by another notch.


We decided to go home after lunch, and walked pass Toa Payoh Central. There was this Kid Soccer Tournament going on, and oh boy those kids on the mini soccer pitch are darn cute! Dressed in complete soccer outfit with jerseys several size too big for them, the kids played like pro. The adults around them cheered their favorite team on loudly, grinning from ear to ear all the time. Perhaps this is what fun was – an unpretentious time when everyone let their hair down for some moments of fun, away from worries of the world..

On my way home, the weather took an abrupt change from a sunny Sunday to a gloomy Sunday. The laden looking cloud, accompanied by strong wind and occassional thunder over at my part of the island looked scary. But I was not scared. Despite leaves and rubbish swirling around me in mad tornadoes, I look up in wonder at the rolling clouds, enjoying the stream of fresh air billowing past my face. And I took a pic to commemorate the magical moment, when I was one with nature.

Later that evening, I decided to meet up with Tony & Terence for a drink. I bought this can of Gatsby Heavy Duty Clay to style up my newly coloured hair. My existing bottle of hair gel gave me too much of a sensitive scalp. After many punctured pimples later, I decided to try out the clay. Oh, by the way, I love my new hair colour. I spent 3 hours sitting at my hairdresser colouring my hair in three tones – chestnut brown, ash, and metallic ash.

Actually, I am a prime candidate for Yunnan Hair Center, as my pic below shows:

I met Terence and Tony at the chic looking Mox Cafe & Bar at Tanjong Pagar. I simply love that place. Where else can you sit on (almost) authentic retro furniture, sipping your favorite drink, chatting with your friends with non-defeaning jazz music in your ears? The crowd was respectable, although Mox’s natural crowd was somewhat, err, unnatural. Took many photos here as well.

If you noticed, actually I have written this entry like a kid in primary school. I did this because I have a point to make. You need not try too hard to sound too cool by using all kind of complicated words to intimidate your “opponent”. Instead of sounding too clever for you own good, you ended up failing to convey your intended message and making a complete ass out of yourself, demeaning the professional communication education you are going through.

Oh, if you failed to understand my post, or think my style of writing is too childish for you, I am sorry. Not because of my inability to write better, but because you are not my intended audience.

Tralala. Happy Sunday!